The town hall of Niestetal.


    The municipality of Niestetal

    Niestetal is a municipality in the district of Kassel. It’s part oft the federal state Hessen in the center of Germany. It is located on the eastern bank of the Fulda, 4 km east of the centre of Kassel.

    The municipality of Niestetal is divided into two districts:

    • Heiligenrode
    • Sandershausen

    Both districts formed Niestetal back in 1972. Niestetal was named after a small river called Nieste, which is floating through both disctricts. Niestetal has 11,400 inhabitants and measures 22km² in size.

    Heiligenrode is the oldest of the two villages and was founded nearly 900 years ago. The protestantic church as well as the closest suroundeing buildings are from this time. Sandershausen was founded a few years later in 1167 AD but unfortunately most of the buildings were destroyed in the second world war. Originally a third village was located in this area. But Umbach has been deserted during battles in the middle ages.


    Niestetal doorway to nature

    We offer a variety of natural spots for relaxing. E.g:

    • Forests
    • Fields
    • Shires
    • the river Fulda
    • the brook Nieste
    • smaller and larger hills
    • Grassland
    • A small Park

    There are many hiking and walking spots around Niestetal. Enjoy the nature and cultural asset while you explore Niestetal.

    There are also a few historical places you can visit during your stay.


    • the protestantic church of Heiligenrode and Sandershausen
    • the old Custom House of Sandershausen
    • the Ysenburg-Monument
    • the traditional Fachwerkhäuser in old town of Heiligenrode
    • the old Villa of Gut Windhausen with many small monuments

    Life is good in Niestetal

    We offer a number of programs and services to support your child’s learning from an early age . Herefor we have 6 kindergarten/preschools in Niestetal. For the older ones we have two great primary schools. One is named after the famous danish writer Astrid Lindgren. Wilhelm Leuschner is the name of our secondary school. After the 10th grade Kassel offers a variety of high schools and a university.

    Niestetal has a Library with various content. E.g. books, CD’s, magazines, movies and board games. We are also proud of our youth club called Come-In.

    With over 11.000 inhabitants we also have a big variety of jobs and our companies offer vocational training and traineeships. Because of the junction to highway A7 we can offer the advantage that there is an easy connection to all parts of Germany. Frankfurt is only 2 hours away, Cologne 2 ½ and Munich approximately 4 to 5 hours, as well as Berlin.

    We also have a partner city in Hungary called Sarkad.


    Free time is leisure time

    To enjoy your free time we have 2 public swimming pools. One is a lido with a park like exterior space. The other one is a comfortable indoor swimming pool with three different pools for every age and interests. We also have a huge variety of sports clubs which offers many activities, e.g.:

    • Football
    • Handball
    • Athletics
    • Gymnastics
    • Table Tennis

    In winter time we have a small christmas market where you can find sweets, german sausage and little shops. In spring we offer our home based hobby-artists to show and sell their pieces of art and handcrafts. Throughout the year we organize a potato festival, a park festival, a apple festival or a wine meeting, our famous amateur theatre and many chruch festivals as well as the chamber concert with singers and musicians from all over the world.

    Gemeinde Niestetal
    Heiligenröder Str. 70
    34266 Niestetal

    0049 561 52 02 0


    We welcome you to the municipality of Niestetal AND ARE looking forward to see you.


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